Function: Human Resources

Appendix 34 - Multi-Workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference

CMHO Standard(s):  
Approved: January 2008

Appendix 34 -Mult-Workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee
Approved January 2008

Terms of Reference and Workplace Statistics and Information

    Originator:               Human Resources
Approved by:              Board of Directors                 
             Date:              November 29, 2007

Approved by:              Ministry of Labour
             Date:              January 15, 2008

St. Leonard’s Community Services provides diverse services in the areas of youth and family counselling, housing, justice, addictions, mental health, employment, and education.

St. Leonard’s Community Services provides both residential and non-residential services to the community, with several programs operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There are 12 workplace locations within St. Leonard’s Community Services. 

  • 19 Buffalo Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 11 staff.
  • 1100 Clarence Street South, Brantford, Ontario, with 14 staff.
  • 267 6th Concession, Jarvis, Ontario, with 22 staff.
  • 75 Albion Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 20 staff.
  • 144 Chatham Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 1 staff.
  • 135 Elgin Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 22 staff.
  • 331 Dalhousie Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 24 staff.
  • 133 Elgin Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 28 staff.
  • 466 Colborne Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 23 staff.
  • 117 King Street, Burford, Ontario with 1 staff.
  • 12 Market Street, Brantford, Ontario, with 4 staff.
  • 208 Broad Street East, Dunnville, Ontario, with 5 staff.

The workplaces located at 75 Albion Street and 267 6th Concession in Jarvis operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for children aged 12 to 17 who are in the care of CAS or other agencies placing youth.

The Peter Willis Residence at 135 Elgin Street operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for males aged 12 to 17 who are held on a detention order or are serving an open custody disposition.

The Buffalo Street Residence at 19 Buffalo Street operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week serving male federal offenders with substance abuse problems.

The Youth Resource Centre at 331 Dalhousie Street and the Transitional Housing Program at 144 Chatham Street operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Addiction & Mental Health Centre and Mental Health Support Walk-in Clinic are located at 133 Elgin Street.

The workplace located at 117 King Street in Burford is a Career Resource Centre.

The Youth Employment Centre, Attendance Centre Program, and Community Justice Program are located at 466 Colborne Street.  

The Dunnville Employment Centre is located at 208 Broad Street East.

The Administration office is located at 1100 Clarence Street South, Suite 101.

Significant and lasting changes to either the location of the workplaces or the number of staff at each site will cause these Terms of Reference to require amendment and the Ministry of Labour will be notified.   

1)         MANDATE

To provide a forum for management and front-line staff to work co-operatively in addressing health and safety issues throughout the Agency.  The committee will be constituted in accordance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

2)         COMPOSITION

The committee will be comprised of at least an equal number of front-line staff in relation to management.

There will be at least 3 certified members representing the front-line staff and 3 certified members representing management from all departments.  These members will be selected by the respective committee members through a majority vote.  The names and work locations of certified members will be made available for all staff wishing to bring forward specific concerns.

The committee will be co-chaired by one member from management and one member representing front-line staff.  They will be selected by the respective committee members through a majority vote.

The committee will include 6 front-line members and 5 management members:  

  • One front-line staff serving as a Staff Sector Representative for each of the four sectors, plus administration;
  • Youth and Family, RWH, VH, YRC
  • Justice Services, CP, PWR
  • Employment/Education Services, CRC, DUNN, YEC
  • Addictions and Mental Health Services, ASOB, BSR
  • Administration Services,
  • Director of Children’s Residential Services
  • Director of Addiction & Mental Health Services
  • Director of Employment Services
  • Facilities Manager
  • Facilities Assistant
  • Human Resources Administrator

3)         LENGTH OF TERM

Front-line staff representative terms will be limited to two years; however, members will serve more than one term.  Health and Safety Committee members representing front-line staff will be selected by front-line staff in their respective departments or sectors through a majority vote.  If a committee member resigns or is no longer able to fulfill his/her duties, the Agency will take all steps necessary to ensure that a replacement is obtained within 60 days.

4)         QUORUM

A quorum will consist of not less than five members of the committee membership.  There must be an equal or greater number of front-line staff representatives as compared to management representatives.  In addition, there must be at least one co-chair present.

5)         VOTING

All decisions will be made by majority vote.    

6)         AUTHORITY

The Health and Safety Committee is a standing committee of St. Leonard’s Community Services reporting to the Management Team.

7)         SCHEDULE

The committee will meet on the second Monday of each month.  Where a statutory holiday falls within this schedule, the committee will meet on the third Monday of the month, or more frequently at the call of the Chairpersons.  Meeting location will be specified on the agenda, which will be circulated in advance of each meeting.  The meeting schedule will be reviewed at the first meeting of each fiscal year.

In the event of an extraordinary circumstance, or as a result of a demand of two committee members, the committee will meet with minimum delay after receiving notice to this effectIn the event that an extraordinary meeting is required, details of such will be brought forward to a co-chair, who will then notify the committee of the meeting.

Agendas will be distributed one week prior to scheduled meetings and as soon as possible for emergency meetings.  The management co-chair will prepare the agendas in consultation with the front-line staff co-chair.  The recording of minutes will be done by the Administration Services Staff Representative.  Minutes will be distributed within one week of the meeting.

Any members unable to attend will notify his/her alternate who will attend in place of absent members.  The Health and Safety Department Representatives will act as alternates to the Staff Sector Representatives.

Guests will be invited to meetings as required and as agreed upon by committee members.  Guests will not participate or vote in the meetings.


  • To monitor the Agency’s performance with respect to health and safety and evaluate the Agency’s health and safety policies and procedures recommending changes as needed. 
  • To develop and recommend approval of the annual health and safety workplan.
  • To investigate complaints brought forth by staff regarding health and safety.
  • To share and communicate information and concerns with the committee and Agency staff as they relate to health and safety in the Agency.
  • To review annually that all safety equipment and training needs will be met and to make any appropriate recommendations to the Management Team.
  • Worker members will perform monthly inspections in order to identify situations, which will be a source of hazard.
  • To gather information concerning the accidents that have occurred.  All accident statistics/information will be forwarded to the committee by the Human Resources Administrator.
  • Certified members will complete accident investigations as needed.
  • To recommend measures and corrective actions and follow-up on those items.
  • To participate in all inspections and accident/incident investigations as carried out by Ministry of Labour Inspectors.  Certified members, representing both front-line staff and management will accompany Ministry Inspectors during visits of the workplace.
  • Worker members are entitled to be present at the beginning of workplace testing.
  • Certified members are to investigate work refusals as needed through consultation with the Ministry of Labour.  In the event that a work refusal occurs after regular business hours, the Human Resources Administrator will be contacted by the respective Service Director and an investigation team will be established consisting of at least 1 certified worker member and 1 certified management member.


  • Proactively arrange the date, time and location of meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute an agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Preside over all meetings.
  • Invite external consultants as necessary to advise the committee on health and safety matters.
  • Review and post the minutes of each meeting.
  • Present recommendations to the Executive Director.
  • Recommendations - Where necessary, the Health and Safety committee may submit written recommendations to the Management Team regarding Health and Safety concerns.
  • Recommendations will be submitted when is it determined by the committee that the matter is of critical importance, will require management support in order to correct, or when matters have not been previously addressed through other means. 
  • These written recommendations will be signed by the co-chairs of the committee and be submitted to the Executive Director.
  • Once the written recommendation is received, the Management Team will respond in writing within twenty-one days as outlined in OHSA Section 9(20.)


Committee members are deemed to be at work during meetings, and while carrying out the duties of a committee member and are therefore entitled to applicable wages.


Transportation expenses incurred by committee members when fulfilling the duties of the committee will be reimbursed by the Agency.


            12)       EDUCATION/ORIENTATION


It will be the responsibility of the employer to provide new members an orientation process outlining legislative requirements, duties and responsibilities, hazard identification and controls within 60 days of joining the committee.  A member orientation checklist will be completed by one of the co-chairs upon the conclusion of orientation.  Selected committee members will also undergo basic and workplace specific certification training as required.  The employer will cover the costs of training and committee members will be considered at work during such training, and, thus, entitled to their applicable wages.


All health and safety policies and procedures including these Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.

Any amendments, deletions or additions to the Terms of Reference must have the consensus of the total Joint Health and Safety Committee.  The co-chairs with consensus of the committee, will present any amendments, deletions or additions for approval of the respective parties. 

14)       WITHDRAWAL

The Minister of Labour reserves the right to revoke or alter the Terms of Reference without notice, reference or reason at any given time.




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