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Application forms for both employers and students are now available.

To apply for Summer Jobs Service 2014;

  1. Read the SJS Eligibility and Additional Information to determine if this program is right for you.
  2. Download your Student Application or Employer Application here.
  3. Fill out the application, print, sign and deliver in person to:

Brant Employment Centre               or               Dunnville Employment Centre
225 Fairview Drive, Unit 1                                       208 Broad Street East
Brantford, Ontario                                                   Dunnville, Ontario

Employers may also mail their completed applications to:
St. Leonard’s Community Services, P.O. Box 638, Brantford, ON   N3T 5P9

Summer Jobs Service offers a $2/hour hiring incentive to the employer as students gain work experience during the months of April to August.  We can help to match students to available positions – just call for information.

The duration of the job hiring incentive may vary in length, but may not exceed 16 consecutive weeks. Subsidized hours cannot begin before April and before the student has finished their current school year and until the date the student has signed their Participant Information Form. Hours eligible for subsidy will end once the student has returned to school. Applications are received and processed on a first come first serve basis so get your applications in as soon as possible!


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