The timing and availability of group sessions varies, so please get in touch with us to confirm when the next group meeting that is right for you will begin.

Addictions and Mental Health Groups

A group meeting to discuss their issues with gambling
A Chance for Change
A psycho-educational support group for men and women struggling with problematic gambling behaviour.
Man hunched over painting.
Artistic Expressions
Promotes positive self-reflection and change using art as a therapeutic medium.
A virtual counselling session on a laptop
Continuing Care
Support for people who want to maintain the gains they made while in treatment.
Hopeful Journey
Hopeful Journeys
An open, ongoing, peer support group for individuals in recovery from addictions and mental health issues.
Person sitting on a dock with a coffee mug that says unplug.
Focuses on teaching skills to help individuals with both mental health difficulties and substance use.
Four people sitting in a group session.
An ongoing, open support group for individuals facing challenges related to concurrent disorders.
Four people in a group session.
S.M.A.R.T. Families Support Group
An open support group for individuals struggling with a family member or loved one who has addiction issues.
Person in a group session extending his hands.
Seeking Safety Women & Men’s Group
An 8-week treatment group for clients who identify as survivors of trauma who also identify using substances to cope.
Six young people sitting in a circle in a group session.
Steps to Change
Provides individuals with practical information, strategies and tools on relapse prevention.