Women’s Seeking Safety

Women’s Seeking Safety is a group for clients who identify as female survivors of trauma who also identify using substances to cope.  It focuses on developing safe coping skills and increasing self-care while decreasing harmful or risky behaviours. Exploring past trauma is not a part of this group.

This group is facilitated by staff from St. Leonard’s Community Services and Nova Vita.


  • Establish safety
  • Decrease risk behaviours
  • Increase healthy self-care
  • Maintain healthy relationships
  • Stay in the present
  • Practice safe coping
  • Gain control of overwhelming symptoms

Structure: 12-week treatment group, closed format.

Stage of Change: Preparation /Action

Referral Process: Self-referrals, internal, and external referrals accepted.  Contact St. Leonard’s Community Services for registration.

Day/Time/Location: Please contact the agency for information on upcoming cycles.


Julie Best

Phone: 519-754-0253 Ext. 2185
Fax: 519-754-0264