Management Team

Brad Stark
Executive Director

Kim Baker
Director of Clinical

Malcolm Whyte
Director of Employment

Becky Norman
Manager of Human

Elaine Smith
Manager of
Administrative Services

Katie Curtis
Director of
Housing and Justice Services

Board of Directors

Representing a cultural cross section of the community:

  • Voluntary Board of Directors with a wide range of skills govern the Agency by setting policy and monitoring programs and financial outcomes.
  • The Executive Director implements policies and procedures in co-operation with a Management Team consisting of Service Directors and the Director of Finance.

If you are interested in volunteering on the St. Leonard's Community Services Inc. Board of Directors please see our posting here and email Elaine Smith, Manager of Administrative Services at elaines@st-leonards.com.

Merv Hughes

Kirk MacKenzie

Claire Morris

Michael Sciberras

David Tsuchida

Bill Keighley

Eileen MacKenzie

Peter Martyn

Rita Mallais

Nicole Tuczynski