Employment Success Story in the Skilled Trades

Shawn came to the Brant Employment Centre back in 2019 looking for help finding work. He was interested in auto mechanics but was missing his high school diploma, which is needed to complete an Automotive Apprenticeship.

With the encouragement of his Employment Consultant, Shawn entered the Construct Your Career program. There he learned how to safely operate hand and power tools, install basic plumbing fixtures, and perform basic wiring through dedicated hands-on training.

While he had never previously had a job that lasted longer than two weeks, after completing the CYC program, Shawn secured a placement at Cornell Construction doing road construction. This was a position that he was very interested in as it was what his grandfather had done. Shawn worked there for the entire season, learned a range of new skills along the way, and fully intends to go back when road construction season opens up again.

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