Brant Youth Wellness Committee

As you may be aware, the Brant Youth Wellness Committee is engaging youth in our communities to better understand what it is like being a youth in Brantford. The information we received will be collated into a Youth Vision.

We initially began this process through individual interview and videotape, and have recently added the option of on-line survey. So we now have three options for youth input:

  1. Face to face interview (can be interviewed by Kerry or by a group worker known to the youth)
  2. Videotaped interview (can be interviewed by Kerry or by a group worker known to the youth) and videotaped by Britney
  3. A survey available on-line

We have also added a prize. Each youth who participates can be entered into a draw for an iPad mini.

Would you be so kind as to liberally share this link to the on-line survey. Please post on websites and Facebook pages and tweet about it. (The survey does work on phones)

Feel free to forward this email and share with any youth with whom you are connected.  We are hoping to have input from a wide range of youth aged 14-24, who are living in or who did grow up in Brantford. This could be youth you work with, relatives, neighbours and friends.

Below are a couple possible wording / notes to accompany the link:

• The Brant Youth Wellness Committee wants youth opinions! Complete the survey and be entered into a draw to win an iPad mini.

• #BYWC We need youth opinions! Complete the survey and you could win an iPad mini!

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