Maintenance Coordinator

Cayuga, ON
Ruthven Park National Historic Site, Inc.
39k Yearly *Under Review
April 7, 2023
Hours of Work
  • 6:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. 
  • There will be times that require different start and end times depending on the needs of the site (ex special events, rentals, programs etc)



  • Regular cleaning of public surfaces including daily cleaning of washrooms. 
  • Maintenance  of  the  grounds  including  trails,  lawns,  driveways,  woodlots,  farmland  and  wetlands. 
  • Operation of associated mobile equipment requires a valid Ontario Driver’s License. 
  • Assist the Ecological Stewardship Coordinator with identifying problem areas on the grounds and repairing them. 
  • Maintenance of the boardwalks, reporting major repair requirements to the Stewardship Coordinator. 
  • General maintenance and repairs of buildings (including, but not limited to; routine checkups of furnaces,  air conditioner filters, dehumidifier filters, replacement of light bulbs, installation and deinstallation of  storm windows and doors, dusting of ceilings and surrounding areas, salting pathways in winter, monitor dumpster for when to have it emptied, take garbage and recycling out weekly, etc.). 
  • Assist in the overall upkeep and organization of the grounds and historic buildings. 
  • Snow removal. 
  • Care for all gardens. 
  • Daily detailed checks of the building interiors to monitor for any issues. 
  • Document any issues and report to Site Administrator immediately. 
  • Maintain weekly readings of the mansion interior including light, temperature, etc. 
  • Monitor and maintain humidity and temperature control where applicable. 
  • Security 
  • Daily inspection of the grounds and buildings.  
  • Respond to security alarm calls 24/7 that require staff response. 
  • Report any security issues to the Site Administrator. 
  • Pest Control 
  • Regular monitoring of the buildings and grounds for pest infestations. 
  • Maintain bait stations. 
  • Required to obtain and maintain a valid pesticide safety certificate. 
  • Facility/Grounds Rentals 
  • Preparation and cleanup of the facility and/or grounds in advance of and following facility rentals (Including but not limited to; cleaning of rental items such as tables and chairs, cleaning of washrooms,  washing Coach House floor, cleaning Coach House kitchen etc.) 
  • When required, assist during facility rentals/events. 
  • When required, check in on facility rental throughout the duration of the rental/events. 
  • When required, clean washrooms and other public areas regularly throughout the rental/events. 
  • Programming and Special Events 
  • Preparation and cleanup of program area with the assistance of staff member running the programming and/or special event. 


  • The Maintenance Coordinator is to report to the Site Administrator at the beginning and end of each shift. 
  • Liaison with contractors employed to undertake work on-site – as directed by the Site Administrator. 
  • This position requires early hours for garbage/recycling days, snow removal and on an as-needed basis. 
  • All other duties as assigned. 


  • 1 paid Sick Day Per Month 

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and experience with similar positions to Brittany Van Dalen Site Administrator by 3:00 P.M. Monday March 20, 2023 via email