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Royal Machine Solutions
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Royal Machine Solutions is a small contracting company located in Brantford, Ontario with a lot of growth potential. Safety and punctuality is a must. RMS provides full millwrighting services including preventive maintenance programs, machine repair, shift coverage, machining, designing solutions for equipment issues, and high quality fabrication of stainless as well as mild steel and aluminum. RMS is experienced in managing large or extended projects as well as small custom solutions for businesses, and prides itself on cultivating a passionate workforce that is highly skilled in industrial machine repair. We believe that honesty and customer satisfaction are important in developing a positive working relationship.


Through technology, a strong work ethic, and continual innovation, Royal Machine Solutions is becoming an industry leader in outsourced millwrighting services. Due to this growth, we are looking to add a social media assistant to produce daily photo and video content for both promotional and training purposes. Responsibilities for the promotional aspect of the job will include making daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to solidify and expand the RMS brand. Training content will primarily involve short videos added to the company Youtube channel but will also include content disseminated in hard copy formats (posters, pamphlets, manuals) directly to employees.

Skills Include:

  • Strong Photoshop ability
  • Moderate video editing ability with Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere
  • Familiar with the marketing/promotional aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube
  • Creative or artistic personality
  • Strong writing ability
  • Naturally interpersonal and easy to get along with
  • Eager to work as part of a team, both in terms of taking direction and contributing valuable input
  • Willingness to learn and absorb as much information as possible about the industry
  • Moderate to advanced ability with Microsoft Office applications, specifically: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
Job Qualifications: 
  • Photoshop: 3 years
  • Video Editing: 2 years
  • High School Diploma/Certificate
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Apply directly to Brad at

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Apr 22 2019 to May 10 2019