Brantford Downtown Outreach Team

People on the street walking in a crosswalk.

What is the Brantford Downtown Outreach Team?

St. Leonard’s Community Services’ BDOT is a best-practice, multi-disciplinary team that works holistically through three lenses: those with lived experience (Peer Worker), social services staff (Outreach Worker) who specialize in referral to services and advocacy, and medical staff (Nurse Practitioner).

The Brantford Downtown Outreach Team (BDOT) meets people in community to provide harm reduction, connections to services that address substance use disorders and mental health needs, and basic medical services that provide intervention and proactive diversion from Hospital. BDOT is a confidential service that operates through community outreach (parks, encampments, streets) and inreach (shelters, meal programs); BDOT is not an emergency response team.

BDOT has several community partnerships engaged in outreach activities, to provide a warm transfer to service providers in the community. 

As a part of service provision, in-the-moment interventions (such as resources like water and socks) provide short-term necessities that positively impact the complex needs those who are unhoused. 

How do you refer someone to BDOT?

You can refer people to BDOT by calling the team voicemail 226-227-9928 or emailing to provide referral information, including description or known locations that are frequented by a person. Messages are delivered to the BDOT members to optimize intervention and ensure that the team is aware of those in community who require connection and service.

Eligibility Criteria

The Brantford Downtown Outreach Team works with people in Brantford who are unhoused; all genders and ages are eligible.

Contact Information

Phone: (226) 227-9928

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