“I am so inspired by the support and assistance that I have received from St. Leonard’s Employment Group.  They work together as a team, the staff are compassionate, friendly, and determined to assist in finding employment for their clients. My experience with them has truly changed my life and my outlook on employment prospecting.  If you’re out of work and hope is thin, this is the organization that can help you thrive in today’s competitive job market. Thank you, St. Leonard's!”

Sherry T

"Thank you so much St. Leonard's for recognizing this opportunity to engage with local talent and for managing the recruitment process for us. This kind of support is rare and often lacking in the 'public assistance' world. It is a genuine pleasure to work with the whole team at St. Leonard’s Community Services. Thanks again for your help!"

John Beck - Partner, Vice President & General for Manager Madok Manufacturing

"I feel that there are people out there in need of assistance when it comes to finding the appropriate employment that meets their needs, and therefore, they should look up St. Leonard's for this help.  I have had nothing but success in turning to them and their wonderful staff for assisting me in every step of the way.

The employment consultant who helped me did a terrific job in editing and re-doing my resume so that it looked more professional and organized.  Greatly appreciate it!  I found that the Job Developer was the most helpful, in that she put every effort into understanding what I needed in order to be emotionally, mentally and physically stable with whatever employment she assisted me in obtaining.  She was heartfelt, sincere and empathetic.  I honestly don't know where I'd be right now without her thoughtfulness and kindness.  She helped me land a job that suits my needs and brings me great joy and satisfaction.  It feels wonderful knowing that St. Leonard's is such a warm and caring organization that's there for whenever you need the help that you just can't find in yourself or anywhere else.  I thank you all very, much, and recommend your services to anyone and everyone! :)"

Karen Heald - V.P. Marketing for Occupational Health and Safety Consultants Inc.

My name is William Redmond and I was introduced to St. Leonard’s Community Services due to a lack of judgement of my behalf. As a result, I was required to fulfill service hours in order to repay the community for my error. At first, I was skeptical as to what I may be doing and where I would be asked to assist. Unaware of what exactly this agency provides, I was quickly informed of the many invaluable services this organization undertakes. From employment assistance to housing needs to mental health issues and substance abuses, St. Leonard’s is not only committed to the welfare of the individuals but to the community as a whole.

My case worker, Marion Ellis has been a great support in my situation and I have embraced what the organization sets out to do. I have assisted at numerous events in the city and have also helped smaller businesses/organizations that rely on volunteers to keep their programs running. This experience has opened my eyes to the necessity of these needs and services. I know that there is a stigma that usually goes along with being on probation but I never felt that from her. She approaches each individual as a person and looks to bring out the best in everyone based on skill set and situation. I have met many new individuals that I may never have given a second glance on the street or in public. It is her unbiased approach that has led me to get more involved outside of St. Leonard’s and do more for the community on my own merit.

Although I never wanted to be in this situation and be required to perform community services to repay society, I am thankful that I met Marion and some of the other staff. I have a greater appreciation of what it takes to make the community a better place. The commitment by these individuals is both inspiring and motivating. I have been given the opportunity to explore what it is to be involved and make a difference at different events and locations. I now feel more involved in my city and I feel a greater sense of pride for all the hard work needed to make various projects happen.

I would like to thank Marion for the way she never judged or looked down at me. She recognizes individuals as such and I never felt categorized by my errors and what brought me to St. Leonard’s. I am thankful that my experience has brought me closer to the community and take pride in knowing that the staff here works diligently to enrich and better the lives of the persons and businesses they represent.


William Redmond