Harm Reduction / Exchange Program

Hand holding syringes.

The Harm Reduction Supply Program (“Exchange” Program) is offered in partnership with St. Leonard’s Community Services, the Brant County Health Unit, the Grand River Clinic, and the Colborne St. Clinic.

Participants are provided with a full range of safe use supplies including needles, filters, alcohol swabs, sterile water, tourniquets, Vitamin C powder, sterile disposable spoons and condoms. Nasal Spray Naloxone Kits are also available. Participants are also offered information on safe use and can ask about counselling if desired. 

Supplies are free.  No health card or ID required.

People accessing the service are asked for the following basic information; first name, age, and drug of choice.

Contact Information

Phone: (519) 754-0253Fax: (519) 754-0264

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