It's more than just a job. Why work for St. Leonard's Community Services

Eight people in casual meeting around a table with laptops and notebooks.

People tend to look for different things in a job over the various stages of their career.

For example, entry-level job seekers are more likely to look for positions that offer on-the-job training and chances to learn new skills. They're just getting started.

Surveys have shown that more mid-career professionals are apt to look for opportunities for advancement and to be more concerned with the overall workplace culture and environment, and even the commute over other perks. Leadership candidates are more often swayed by roles that allow them to make a difference, to know that their decision making is impacting the overall success of an organization. They want a legacy.

Those are broad strokes, but if you were to ask the most motivated, passionate candidates at each of those career levels, I bet you would find that they had something in common that they wanted from a new job opportunity. And that is the chance to do meaningful work. To feel that their investment of time and effort is contributing to something that they can believe in.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then maybe we should talk.

Here at St. Leonard's Community Services in Brantford, our agency is made up of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, skillsets, and years of experience. What brings these people together and makes us a team is that we all share the same passion for the work that we do. Our work is helping people in our community. We are trying to make life better for those who could use some support in a tough time.

We are here to help people in Brantford and Brant who are dealing with mental health and addiction challenges, those who are facing legal troubles, who are looking for employment, or who need a place to live.

So, it's more than just a job.

But it's still a job, and as such it comes with great perks like a fitness benefit; Employee Assistance Plan; participation in pension/RSP/TFSA plans; as well as great health and dental plans. Plus, the agency offers opportunities for training and professional development along with a workplace culture of collaborative teamwork, where diversity is respected, and hard work is recognized. We have friends and families too, so we also get the importance of maintaining work/life balance. We do good work, and then we go home.

So, what are you looking for in your next career move?

Does a chance to help people who could use a hand and to make your community a better place to live sound good? How about when that opportunity comes with all the benefits of a great job at a supportive organization along with the company of a great team of likeminded colleagues?

Then maybe we should talk. You could do your best work at St. Leonard's Community Services. And it would be good work.

You can view our open positions here. Please email us your resume and cover letter to Be sure to let us know which job posting you are applying for or which sector – employment, justice, housing, addictions and mental health, or administrative work for the agency itself – you are interested in.

Please visit our careers page for the full list of online job postings for the opportunities that are currently available. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Recent Announcements

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December 19, 2022
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November 8, 2022
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October 27, 2022
St. Leonard’s Community Services (SLCS) is honoured to accept a grant for $18,000 from Libro Credit Union to support the expansion of SLCS Supportive Housing programs and services.
October 17, 2022
St. Leonard's Community Services is excited to host the Brantford segment of this event at the Best Western Brantford Hotel from 2 pm - 6p m on November 15, 2002.