Day Treatment Program for Men

Day Program is a 6 week outpatient treatment program for men.

The day treatment program is designed to assist men both individually  and in group.  Counselling support, education and skills development is included to allow for increased independence and an opportunity to break the cycle of addiction.


  • To support men in achieving and maintaining recovery goals. 
  • To assist men to  address the underlying areas of concern that have contributed to the use of substances.
  • To provide the opportunity for individuals to set and achieve realistic goals.

Day treatment uses a wide range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing and its delivery is provided from a trauma informed framework.

Day treatment consists daily group experiences with lunch provided. On an individual basis each man will develop a comprehensive service plan which will establish treatment goals to address holistic determinants of health and well being.

Structure: 5 days per week

Stage of Change: Preparation/Action

When: Monday through Friday from 10 am until 2 pm.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 16+
Legal Status: Voluntary, Probation, Parole, CAS referrals accepted
Gender: Male

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Michele Kennedy

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