Youth Anger Management (HUB)

The Youth Anger Management Program is a highly structured, cognitive-behavioural based, skill development program for at-risk youth. Sessions will range from day-based programming, to weekly programming; in total these sessions will be cumulatively eleven hours in length.

The program attempts to address risks and needs in the areas of anger, hostility and aggression by providing youth with the necessary tools/skills and strategies to avoid reacting negatively and/or impulsively.

The goal of this program is to provide youth with both the psychoeducation and the skill sets required to address their anger management needs, whether during the group, or independently after the group has completed, when they reach an active stage of change.

For non-registered clients or youth who are not currently accessing any Agency programs or services, intake is completed by Contact Brant. Intake includes either a telephone or face to face interview. Upon completion of the intake, Contact Brant will make the appropriate group referral.

If a client is already working within St. Leonard’s Community Services, a referral can be provided to the Child and Youth Crisis Counsellors for initial follow up (please see information below).

When a referral is received, a representative of Youth Anger Management will contact the youth to set up an intake date. This intake will include intake paperwork, information regarding group dates, assessment regarding the youth’s perception of needs and strengths in regards to emotional regulation. From this point, the focus will be placed on developing group materials to address the youth’s goals and stage of change within the group setting.

Age Group: 12-15 years & 16-18 years

  • Week One: Introduction to Emotions (1)
  • Week Two: Introduction to Emotions (2)
  • Week Three: Deliberate Anger (a focus on lives harmed by anger, hostility, and domestic violence)
  • Week Four: S.T.W.D.E.R. (Cognitive Skill: Coping Self Talk)
  • Week Five: Fight or Flight (Anger physiology)
  • Week Six: Anger and Aggression (The body and coping through the addition of cognitive skills.)
  • Week Seven: Timing Out Strategies & Relaxation Exercises
  • Week Eight: What you Can Lose (Costs of aggression and hostility)
  • Week Nine: Attack Thoughts (Thoughts that make people even angrier)
  • Week Ten: Taking Responsibility
  • Week Eleven: Graduation (Review and Implementation)

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 12-18
Legal Status: Voluntary or Probation, Court, Extrajudicial Measures


Contact Brant

Phone: 519-758-8228
Fax: 519-758-9507

Katie Curtis

Manager of Crisis Services
Phone: (519) 754-0253 x 2133
Fax: (519) 754-0264