Youth Anger Management

The Youth Anger Management Program is structured, cognitive-behavioural based, skill development program for at-risk youth. The length of the program varies depending on clients needs and sessions are offered individually.

The goal of this program is to provide youth with both the psychoeducation and the skill sets required to address their anger management needs. The program aims to improve youths’ abilities to self-regulate their anger, aggression and hostility in order to acquire the skills for healthy living.

For non-registered clients or youth who are not currently accessing any Agency programs or services, intake is completed by Contact Brant.  Intake includes either a telephone or face to face interview.  Upon completion of the intake, Contact Brant will make the appropriate referral.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 12-18
Legal Status: Voluntary or Probation, Court, Extrajudicial Measures
Gender: Male and Female


Contact Brant

Phone: 519-758-8228
Fax: 519-758-9507

Katie Curtis

Manager of Crisis Services
Phone: (519) 754-0253 x 2133
Fax: (519) 754-0264