Youth Mental Health Programs

St. Leonard’s Community Services provides children’s mental health crisis services on the telephone and in person at the Integrated Crisis Walk in Clinic.  Appointments also can be made to see a Child and Youth Worker who can help individuals and families navigate the community service system for children.  Support groups are available to provide respite support for families, skill-building workshops for both parents and children and emotional controls for children and youth.

Services provided include:

  • Brief service assessments
  • Crisis stabilization
  • Mobile response in crisis situations
  • Safety planning
  • Referral to other services
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Referral to groups and/or other SLCS services
  • Service planning
  • Referral to psychiatric services
  • Respite experience
  • Youth anger control
  • Parenting groups and seminars

The goals of the Children’s Mental Health Services are to:

  1. To improve the quality of life for children, youth and families by decreasing the incidents of crisis.
  2. To provide parents and caregivers with skills to better handle family situations and increase their confidence in responding to children’s behaviour in a positive way.
  3. To provide referrals to internal and external resources that will build family resilience and decrease children’s vulnerability.


Katie Curtis

Katie Curtis, Manager of Mental Health Programs and Transitional Housing
Phone: (519) 754-0253 x 2133
Fax: (519) 754-0264